The World of Obsessions

Annya Sand’s latest collection, The World of Obsessions, was created in 2014 and early 2015. It explores the artist’s perception of the human mind. The collection was created during one of the most challenging periods of Annya’s life, the period of great difficulties and of a great joy. In her work the artist considers the complexity and diversity of human thoughts, and analyzes how our thinking affects our inner world and our lives, as well as the lives of people around us. Annya demonstrates these views both graphically and symbolically.

The collection consists of eight paintings, made with the acrylic, a new medium for an artist. Her new works retain her signature style, but differ from previous works in terms of colour. Annya uses a lot of white and pastel colours, giving the works a sense of lightness and freshness. When creating this collection, the artist paid great attention to the texture of the paint. By using the technique of creation of continuous, non-broken lines, Annya completely surrenders to the creative process, not focusing as much attention on the composition.

The artist creates a more conceptual composition where she is asking the viewer to open up to her work and create a dialogue about his or hers own obsession. It was very important for the artist to be able to communicate how the two worlds – the one that we create in our mind, and another, the real, outside world, interact with each other. Annya wanted to show how the obsessive thoughts that cross our mind all the time might not be real, and how far we are prepared to go to entertain them.