Art Gallery of Uzbekistan

Solo exhibition in frames of the art week in Tashkent, organized by the Fund Forum of Culture and Art Gallery of Uzbekistan, October 2012.

The Houses of Parliament

London, U.K. (2014)

The Lapada Art & Antiques Fair

Berkeley Square, London, U.K. (2013)


London, U.K. (2012)

The Saatchi Gallery

London, U.K. (2012)


National collection of Uzbekistan


As part of her final paper for MA in Arts and Cultural Enterprise at Central Saint Martins Annya Sand created the Women Artists’ Art Week (abbreviated as WAAW World) initiative that explores what it is like to be a female artist today and how the art industry could accommodate female artists in a more inclusive way.

The aim of WAAW World initiative is to raise awareness about the lack of representation for female artists and to encourage commercial and non-commercial art institutions to engage with female artists more readily. WAAW World’s goals and objectives are part of a wider conversation that aims to identify and address modern society’s failures towards women. In this regard, WAAW World has set its sights on the globalisation of women’s rights.


In July 2016 Annya took part an international art forum, the Art Camp, organized by the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO. The purpose of the Art Camp was to create a pool of original works of art to reflect creative and artistic expressions of the participants of the programme.

The inauguration of the 5th annual Art Camp took place on 28 July at Ordino, Andorra, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Gilbert Saboya, Minister of Culture Mrs Olga Gilbert, President of the UNESCO Commission in Andorra Mr Josep Dalleres, Deputy Mayor of Ordino Mrs Gemma Riba, and UNESCO Artist for Peace Hedva Ser. The Art Camp was overseen by the Secretary General of the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO Mr Jean-Michel Armengol, and the curator Mr Faust Campana.

Over the two weeks, the artists from more than 30 countries undertook a unique project to promote cultural diversity through art. Annya was selected to represent Kazakhstan and the UK. The artworks, created by Annya at the Art Camp, will be exhibited at the UNESCO and UN offices in Andorra, Paris, New York, Geneva and Venice.


Gérard Faivre and the Gallery Oneiro

In collaboration with Gérard Faivre and the Gallery Oneiro in Paris, Annya Sand’s work is featured in the most astonishing luxury real estate projects Art Homes by Gérard Faivre in Paris.



The Day Dreamer

The Smallest Gallery in Soho is delighted to present artist Annya Sand painting from blank canvas to a finished work. Never knowing the exact end of her composition, Sand will work most days to produce a piece that will cover both the walls and floor of the gallery. Viewers can watch from the street as Sand paints during the time she is within the space.

Taking inspiration from London, her work would develop around the images that she has seen on her walks within the city through lines and colours. It would be a transformative and meditative development; making shapes come together while giving the passer an intimate moment they are watching to join the process with Sand.

In Search of Identity

The installation ‘In Search of Identity’ is a maze created from ropes. Its intricate structure causes people to feel interested, curious, willing to overcome obstacles, but at the same time – frustrated and confused. The maze represents the ‘path of search’ taken by many artists and creative people during the time of their artistic development. It also shows ‘stumbling blocks’ existing within the art market, which hinder artists development and push them to seek alternative ways of expression.

Liberation+manipulation = humiliation/ Manipulated freedom

“Manipulated freedom” is a concept that refers to a situation where individuals or groups believe they have the freedom to make choices and decisions, but their choices are actually influenced or controlled by external forces in a subtle or covert manner. It implies a deceptive form of freedom where people are given the illusion of choice and autonomy, but in reality, their options and actions are being manipulated or guided to serve the interests of those who hold power or control.

This instillation shows the use of propaganda, media manipulation, social media or censorship to shape public opinion and control the narrative, thereby influencing people’s choices and limiting their access to information. In consumerism, it can manifest as targeted marketing strategies, psychological manipulation, or persuasive techniques designed to influence individuals’ purchasing decisions and preferences.

Annya Sand is a contemporary multimedia artist known for her signature abstract art. She is a third generation artist like her father and grandfather before her and has had her work exhibited in renowned international art fairs and governmental institutions, from The Houses of Parliament in London to the UN headquarters in New York. Annya has also displayed her art at global museums and private collections worldwide.

Public Collections

Annya explains:

“When it comes to my work, the process of creation itself is what excites me the most. I enjoy the transformative development; making shapes come together before me and watching them evolve. My technique is element based, and I tend to use my bare hands when working with oils and acrylics, as I need to feel the painting in order to truly adjust its texture. I tend to coat thin layers atop one another which allows for the original underlayer to seep through and show itself. I also use tapping techniques with flat brushes to generate realistic landscapes. When creating, especially when dealing with the abstract, I remain obsessed with the outcome. I’m a perfectionist and I feel compelled to guarantee a flawless composition. This involves revisiting a completed work months later to ensure its proper and final manifestation.”

Supported by the UNESCO Colours for the Planet project in Andorra, Annya Sand’s work was exhibited at the UN headquarters in New York in September 2016. Her previous works have appeared in governmental institutions and leading art fairs; from The Houses of Parliament, Masterpiece and Lapada Art Fairs in London, to AHAF Hong Kong and Art Bahrain.

Annya is a passionate advocate for the interrelations between art and politics, particularly soft power initiatives and cultural diplomacy. After studying International Business in London, she went on to read International Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Annya’s true love, however, has always been the power and potential of art and the masterful sharpening of her own skills as an artist. She studied Drawings & Sculpture and MA in Arts and Cultural Enterprise at London’s Central Saint Martins. As a young girl, Annya spent her days painting and learning about crafts in her father’s art studio.