Life itself is the material for Art

Due to the unprecedented speed of global development and change over the recent years, it is not surprising that globalisation has inspired a ‘rude awakening’ of sorts through this crisis. Unfortunately, the economy is suffering as a result, and of course, so many people are failing to fight this virus. Unlike most things, we have nobody to blame for it and are forced to come together as a global community to overcome this and prevent something like this happening again.

I think the practicalities of ‘social distancing’ is a privilege because it stops many people from working, which damages people’s livelihoods. We have seen this through the closure of many global Art Fairs and auctions recently, but this does not mean that the market is dying; it only that the means of which the market operates requires a ‘facelift’.

It seems clear to me that to sustain our spirits during this crisis, we need to reevaluate our priorities and Art has always served as a helping hand in exploring and assessing one’s values. What’s more, we are exposed to Art in such mArt ways – even within the restrictions of social distancing!

Life itself is the material for Art, and it seems to me that there will always be a place for Art in the world, and if there is a place, somehow or other there will be a financial demand also.

Given the statistics and reviews, it seems that, ironically, artists like me who are agile, like the smaller dealers and galleries, can reassess the way we function much more quickly and be at the forefront of this change, that could significantly contribute to our survival!